UCVI Vibration Isolation Curb

Significant noise reduction for theatres, hospitals, schools and hotels.


UC Vibration Isolation curbs significantly
outperform low cost isolation rails.

For sound attenuation and vibration reduction, we offer our UCVI-vibration isolation curb. Pick one of our designs or we’ll custom build it to your specifications. We offer a range of insulation materials, easy access panels and a water tight shell over the curb.

Our adapters have transitions that reduce turbulence and air-restriction which can ultimately lead to “coil freeze up”. We create transitions that direct the air flow to exactly where it needs to go.

We use top of the line isolators that are constructed with heavy duty materials and painted with a durable powder coating. Neoprene bushings, located between the spring and the mount, absorb vibration.


Fully assembled,
ready to install.

Fast Turnaround.

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